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Mr. Derp has gone on a journey for the mystical Candy Scrolls. Scrolls that look like regular scrolls, but because of their mystic-ness, taste like candy. A Spin off platformer and totally not a re-skin by the developer of the original unpublished-yet-won-an-award at the Chicago Young Inventor's Challege comes a game about adventure, death, candy, and death! But mostly candy. (This is a demo version for a potentially full game.) #Candy Jam





Figure it out yourself, you uncultured New-Tens Swine. How do you think we made it through the 80's?

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Published Feb 03, 2014

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Just Download and play. Made via GameMaker 8.1 Lite, so might be a watermark.


Mr. Derp Saga Candy Scrolls.exe 9 MB